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Holi Celebration

The Holifeest, Holi, a Hindu festival which is celebrated every year around the month of March and in fact is a combination of a spring festival, a celebration of the victory of good over evil and a New Year's party. According to the Gregorian calendar is celebrated in the spring and in the Hindu Calendar on the day after the full moon of the month of Phalguna. In this month, this festival is also called Phagwa.
The Holifeest characterized by singing, dancing, refreshments and sprinkle with colored holipoeder, perfume and sprinkle colored water.

Holi Intro

For centuries, Hindus celebrate the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil with a colorful display. During Holi, people throw colored holipoeder together, and paint them together. The differences between religion or ethnicity are no longer visible; social boundaries between social strata, young and old, rich or poor, fall away. This one day all people are equal. Cultural wealth, joy, mutual respect and tolerance make it Holifeest every year memorable.
That the Western world also needs this phenomenon appears from the various Holi Festival of Colours and The Color Runs that are held in eg London, Berlin and Amsterdam, where it comes to participate and be equal.

Holipoeder Features

The holipoeder is organic in nature and easy to wipe away.
The Holipoeder specifically for color parties, events or simply as decoration.
Our Holipoeder is safe, do not contain toxins and does not irritate the skin or head.
The holipoeder we have normal colors and neon colors.

Holipoeder Colours

Of the normal Holipoeder we have the following standard colors (in stock):
red, green, blue, yellow, purple and orange.
Other colors are also available on request, however, with a delivery time.
Neon Holipoeder are six standard colors in stock:
red, green, blue, yellow, orange and pink.

Holipoeder Use

Using holipoeder is at your own risk.
Is based on 500 grams per Holipoeder person there.
One can just grab it and throw holipoeder together or spreading.
We can help small or large celebrations color or color runs with our bus and Holi Holi Color Color Spray. We come with our Holi Color Bus on location with fill as the Holi Color Sprays. Holi Color Spray is a handy device works without power and is ideal for many applications. The Holi Color Spray get the most holipoeder in the shortest time in the air.

Holipoeder Clothing

The best course is light or white clothing during use, because the colors act as the best in the foreground. On white clothes may occasionally remain slight traces. But that's the memory you want to keep to a beautiful and colorful festival. We recommend to use "old" white clothing.

Holipoeder Safety

The holipoeder is made of pure natural ingredients and safe for humans, animals and nature. It is miscible with water and is, therefore, always to get away. It also does not stick to hard surfaces, is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Well it holipoeder can sometimes sit for example in wood grain leaving behind color still remains.
Children under 3 years should be kept out of reach of the holipoeder. As with any other powder or dust, you should avoid it in your eyes or lungs. Therefore, wear sunglasses and a dust mask for any protection.
With a sensitive, irritated or damaged skin holipoeder use discouraged.
Cameras, telephones, DJ boots and such good hedge against holipoeders.
Although we believe that the Holipoeder is safe, we want to expressly indicate that the use is at your own risk.


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